Video and webcam chat.

Welcome to our video chat rooms on, we hope you enjoy them, to maximise your enjoyment I recommend you get yourself a webcam.

Wocchat rooms are largely not moderated, so if you don't like the idea of the chat not being monitored then you should try another chat room.

The webcams on this site are not open cams, so when someone clicks your cam, you will be asked if you would like to let this person view your cam, or you can indeed deny them.

Please enjoy our new video chat rooms, and if there are any problems please message Mr_woc over the Wocchat message system, or any member of our admin team.

Other Features

Wocchat has lots of other features, there an mp3 player where people can upload music and share with the rest of the people in the chat room at the time, this can be useful for sharing music.

Problem chatters

If you have any problems in the room with a certain chatter, please use the block button, you can access this by clicking on the problem user, you should see a menu, look for the option ignore user, once you click this the user in question will be ignored, which means he wonít be able to private message you and you wonít see any text he types on the main chat room.

Privacy Notice & Disclaimer

All conversations and logins are monitored, which means when you log into this chat room your IP address is logged, also all conversations are logged which includes private messages, this is for security and also any abuse problems that occur on the chat room, again if you are not happy with this please don't use this site. cannot be held responsible for the actions of people on this chat room, we do our best to keep the trouble makers out of this chat room, and however this is a never ending battle.

For more information please read our privacy policy below.