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Free chat rooms with a Chatroulette style application.

Wocchat.com is an online community where you can develop relationships and make new friends; it also has the addition of live video chat rooms and the option to take part in our own chatroulette style random chat application. Registration to is free and once you have registered, you will be given a free profile, where you can add pictures, music and videos.

Our video chat rooms allow people to random chat via webcam, registration is not necessary but if you do register your profile will be shared with others via the video chat, making it more interesting and fun. This gives you the opportunity to take part in live chat with other users, you can also block abusive members.

Webcam Roulette

You can also take advantage of our random chat roulette style application, where you can meet people randomly, and have the option to move onto new people in your own time.

Chatroulette is one of the latest crazes to be sweeping the internet so why not give our version a try, once logged into our application, you will be connected with other people randomly, you then decide if you want to talk to this person, if you dont wish to talk you can click next and move onto a new person.

Wocchat also has a few other useful features that might interest you.

Chat forums

Wocchat also has its own message boards or chat forums as they are more commonly known these days, this gives registered users the opportunity to leave messages for other users to comment on.


Blogging is very popular these days, so Wocchat also give each registered user their own blog, where you can post the latest news in your life, or simply just a thought for the day, other people can then comment on your blog entry, itsa good way to share thoughts and meet new friends.

Blogs can be edited and updated at any time; you can also have an unlimited amount of blog entries.

Polls and Quizs

You can also create polls and quizzes for other people to participate in, polls can be created about any subject and you can create a number of responses for people to select to vote on your poll.

You can also create as many quizzes as you like, usually a quiz would be 20 questions and people who take part in any quizs you create, will be given a score at the end.

So as you can see Wocchat .com has a lot to offer so please register and join the fun.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Wocchat.com should not be confused with chatroulette.com, Wocchat.com is a community site with its own 3rd party developed chat roulette software, we are not affiliated to them or wanting to mislead users into using our site instead of chatroulette.com.