When you are logged into wocchat you might notice there is a toolbar along the bottom and right in the bottom right hand corner if you click you should see the sites messenger program.

Click here If your download doesnt start

Messenger Toolbar

Its called World of Chat messenger however it is a messenger site used over a number of sites, and also it is integrated into wocchat, but this program allows you to chat across many platforms so you can meet more people.

So once you register with wocchat.com you also get a username and a password to the messenger program, its a fun chat program and will also have a desktop version in time, once we have finished the upgrades on wocchat.com you can download.

Please take time out to look at the messenger and click the ONLINE tab this will give you a list of people who are online, if you click their names and click chat.

Messenger Program

You will be able to talk 1 to 1 with them and also even webcam chat with them if you so wish to.

Alternatives to M S N Messenger

one of the reasons we created the messenger is to replace the old M S N messenger which M SN had phased our and merged into S K Y PE

A lot of people miss M SN messenger as it was such a big powerful program but it seems to have lost out to the more popular Nothanks now, which isnt anything like as good but does have better facilities to mic chat and webcam chat.

Have Fun

Most of all have fun on wocchat.com and please Facebook like, Google plus 1 or tweet our messenger page.