KiK messenger chat rooms.

KIk Messsenger or kick as its pronounced is a popular mobile phone app that works like MSN messnger used to work, where you add people to a list, and they stay on this list on the app, until you delete or remove them, you can send videos, pictures and obviously chat messages, it has improved a lot over the past year and now a useful app.

If you are looking for a decent chat room where you can get new contacts for your KIK messenger, more usernames more girls and more guys

Why use KIK Messenger.

Kik Messenger has become very popular APP among online chatters for communicating online, as with this you don't have to give out your phone number or your Skype Id, which sometimes people worry about as it can give out too much information to people you don't know very well

You will need a phone to use KIK messenger as it is in app format only, however it is a FREE app so no need to worry about the cost, it is available for most popular phones iPhone's and Android etc

How do you use KIK Messenger.

Well all you need to do is get the username of the person your wanting to talk to and click the + Icon top right of KIK messenger and click find people and put the person you are wanting to connect username in the box and then click the start chatting link.

The good thing about this is when you add a person they appear on a list, and then you cant lose them which means you can just login on KIK and message people more easy, you will also get notifications if people message you, so you wont miss messages.

What do the letters on Kik Messenger mean?

So there are various letters on Kik messenger when you send a message if your wondering what they are here is a list.

S = Sent message to user.

D = greyed out D means delivered to phone but app not active.

D = Solid D means that the message has been delivered and also delivered to the person phone app, so the message shows on KIK itself.

R = Means they have read the message.

D - Solid D and stays a solid D, there are a few reasons why the D might stay solid and not turn to read or R, 1 option is they are just ignoring your message, so can see it on the app but just don't want to read it, as they can usually see a preview anyhow, or you have been BLOCKED on Kik Messenger, in this case it would stay a solid green and they wouldn't actually receive any messages not matter how many you keep sending, yes i know sucks!