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South Yorkshire is a Metropolitan county in the North of England or uk, also is in the Yorkshire and Humber region of England and has a population of 1.29 million. Lying to the east of the Pennines which is a very hilly part of the country, South Yorkshire is landlocked, and borders Derbyshire (to the south-west), West Yorkshire (to the north-west), North Yorkshire (to the north), The East Riding of Yorkshire (to the north east), Lincolnshire (to the east) and Nottinghamshire (to the southeast). In South Yorkshire chat rooms you will meet people who live in Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and the City of Sheffield. The Sheffield Urban area is the ninth most populous conurbation in the UK and dominates the western half of South Yorkshire with over half of the county’s population living within it.

The main settlements of South Yorkshire grew up around the industries of mining and steel manufacturing. The main mining industry was coal but iron deposits were also mined. The rivers running off the Pennines supported the steel industry which was concentrated in the city of Sheffield. Although the modern county of South Yorkshire was not created until 1974, the history of its constituent settlements goes back thousands of years.

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Rock art found in caves at Creswell Crags have been dated to the late Upper Palaeolithic period whilst other Prehistoric remains include a ‘Mesolithic House’, a circle of stones found at Deepcar in the northern part of Sheffield.

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